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How We Got Here…

How We Got Here…

How We Got Here… 768 1024 CRAWFORDMA

In considering what to write as our first blog post for Broken To Better Urgent Care, our family’s small business. I thought the most appropriate place to start would be at the beginning. Well really kinda the middle, but a good beginning spot none-the-less.  Full disclosure, the majority of this is taken directly from my writings as the life events were happening. I have just cleaned up the content a little bit for public consumption. I am pleased to share with you one of the most important parts of our story. Our close family and friends know this story well. In fact, they like to retell it for us.

Sometime in March 2017. My husband (Don) and I had decided that our small business would be an urgent care facility. We were still struggling with whether to franchise or not, as well as determining the location…should it be in Rock Hill or not? 

I did not really want to locate in Rock Hill, I told our daughter, Dr. Baker, “We’re not going to locate in Rock Hill,” She responded that she thought that I had told her previously that, I felt lead and that “Rock Hill,” was the place for us. I quickly told her that I was going to be “Like Jonah,” It didn’t matter if I had to go into the belly of a whale, we were not going to locate the urgent care in Rock Hill. We would go where there was a better outlook with the numbers. 

Don and I prayed in our prayer closet about these decisions. I love signs. I talk about signs all the time. Don is not very interested in signs. But as he prayed for these decisions – he asked for a sign and he asked that it be made plain for us. It was very unusual that Don would ask for a sign. 

March 31, 2017, My grandson’s birthday is today, and Don and I are driving to SC to see him. Don likes to drive. We are driving his pickup truck which is double-digits-old but still in good shape. We are about 100 miles south of Charlotte on I-77 when the truck starts stalling and acting strangely. We stop and Don tinkers with it a little, but to no avail – it still acts weird. He asks me to locate a dealership that’s on the way to Charlotte. Using my phone, I locate one and we continue to drive. The drive is frightening as it appeared that we are going to break down at any minute.  Don would press the gas and the truck would stall and move really slowly. We are on the interstate in the middle of nowhere. I was afraid that someone will run into the back of us. We were driving with the flashers for more than fifty miles.  

Finally, we were getting close to our exit and I notice the name of the town is Rock Hill. I turned and looked at Don in complete amazement…I mean like my jaw dropped. I asked if he noticed the name of the town. He said that he had, he is always Mr. Cool. Then the truck stalled and would not go any further. We had to roll down the off-ramp, then roll through a couple of traffic lights. We actually rolled right up to the car shop without the truck running. 

As for signs and making the message clear. I think this one was fairly clear, and twenty-miles per hour on I-77 is a lot like the belly of a whale to me.  We are pleased to be a part of this fast-growing ever-changing community of Rock Hill South Carolina. My family and I know that we are in the right place. You have been ever so kind in welcoming us and we want to continue to provide excellent service to your families. Give us a try for life’s, bumps, and bruises. 

Stay Well

Magi C.